Wednesday, December 14, 2011

REVIEW: Offshore Fishing, "Catch my Drift" FLL

Thought I would take the time to review my experience on the "Catch my Drift" fishing party boat out of Fort Lauderdale, South Florida.


There are defiantly some good pluses about this boat. First, the boat leaves twice a day on  a 4 hour trip offshore to about 400 - 150 ft of water drifting from deep to shallow over two reefs. Second, Fort Lauderdale has the gulf stream running close to shore, and in 15 min you are able to go for, Dolphin, Tuna, King, or even bottom fish for a Grouper if you would like.

You can also bring you own rods and snacks on board if you wish. The crew provides bait, rods and everything you may need to get a good catch.

The set up that worked good for me was to have one flat line out (on top floating no weight) on drifter with some weight and a bottom rod in case a nice size grouper strikes over the reefs.  So if you are looking to get out and fish for a couple of hours I highly recommend this party boat. Not to mention the price that is extremely affordable! Good Catching Folks!

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