Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Hubby Review: Bontrager Ion 2, Bicycle Headlight

A few months ago I was feeling the need to get out and exercise.  I wanted a cardio workout that was low impact on my aging knees and gave me an excuse to get outside in the fresh air.  The solution I found was cycling.

However, my schedule and the amount of daylight has limited me to early Saturday morning bike rides.  These weekly outings are nice, but like most people, I wanted more of a good thing.  I needed to find a way to hit the open road (amongst the friendly traffic) on a week night.  So, I purchased a headlight for my bicycle.  It's a Bontrager Ion 2.
AMAZING!  It attaches right to the top of my handlebars and projects a bright LED beam far ahead.  On the base of the light there is a rubber, elastic band that stretches and wraps tightly around the bars.  It's easy to take on and off.

 There are three different modes of light to choose from.  First a high beam of light, second a low beam of light, or third a flashing white light.  They are controlled by the single button on the top of the light, making it easy to change between modes while riding.

I'm impressed with how stable the light is on the handlebars while riding over rough roads.  I didn't have to reposition it at all during a ride.  The amount of light that projects from this small light is almost hard to believe.  It exceeded my expectation.  And I could tell that I was being noticed by the other cars on the road.  This seals the deal for me, since I was a little hesitant at first about riding my bike at night.

I am very pleased with this light and with what it allows me to do.  I highly recommend this to anyone.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just purchased the combo pack (headlight, tail light) for the bike I use while camping. Since I tend to return to the camper van (home) at or after dusk, it will be nice to have such strong illumination.

    Brad a.k.a. Van Trekker
    Living in my van in Iowa