Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Hubby Tips: Let's Eat Together

In a society where we are over-scheduled, over-committed and over-extended, it is often difficult to truly meet all the demands on our time.  Also, all of these demands on our time often put a strain on our relationships.  One thing that can make a huge difference in family life is making time to have dinner together.  A recent study by Brigham Young University shows the impact family dinner has on relationships.

In their discussion on the study, the Wall Street Journal illustrated that those that made it home for dinner had less stress and a better work-life balance.  Because it so beneficial to create that balance in life and improve these relationships that are so important to us, here are four things that the Happy Hubbys recommend for your family dinner:

1) Set a time and stick to the schedule.

2) Give everyone a chance to talk.

3) Laugh.

4) Keep it simple, you do not need a gourmet dinner every day.

If you are still not sure what you need to do for a family dinner, here is a great instructional video:

See... We even knew it in the 50s!  ;)  Remember...  Family dinner isn't just about the food.  But that is an important part.

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