Wednesday, November 30, 2011

TIP: Use This Season to Help

The holiday season is an excellent time to think a little bit less about yourself and a little more about others.  It gives us a chance to reflect on the needs of others and seek opportunities to serve and help out.  Because it is a great time to serve and help, here are three suggestions of things that you can do to help others out:

1) Trees for Troops

As a part of the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, the Trees for Troops program gives you a chance to provide our service members and their families with Christmas trees.  There are several ways to donated as outlined on their website.  This is a great way to bring the spirit of the season to those families that sacrifice so much.

2) Heifer International

Do you have a goat?  Do you know what a goat can mean to someone in the developing world?  Heifer International is an interesting organization that provides families with the life sustaining benefits of livestock in the developing world.  These donations make an enormous difference in their lives.  This is how the program works:

3) Feeding America

Anyone that knows me, knows that I love food.  What is unfortunate is that even in the United States we have far too many families that are going without.  Feeding America is working to change that.  They use the donations and volunteer efforts of people like you and I to help people have access to meals when they otherwise would not be able to.  Take a look at what your opportunities are to help with Feeding America.

The cool thing about service is that you and I can find ways to help in our back yard.  It does not need to be an international or major organization.  Find a local food bank or non-profit.  Look for people in need.  Let's take the time to make a difference in other people's lives.

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