Monday, November 28, 2011

Review: Evernote Android App and Desktop Interface

I think it is the ever-present battle that we all have... the battle to get organized.  I know I have tried lists, day-planners, PDAs, etc. and there is always varying success.  Sometimes I want to jot down notes, sometimes I want to organize plans, and other times I just want to scribble out some ideas.  That is why I have been pleased with the Evernote Android app and desktop program.  I have really enjoyed it because it is: mobile, sync-able and easy to use.


I really appreciate being able to use the Evernote app on my phone because it allows me to jot down ideas or goals as they come without having to carry anything additional around (I used to keep a spiral notebook with me for those purposes).  It allows me to be inspired when I am inspired and not have to worry about missing a beat.


It is very convenient to have access to my "notes" on whatever platform I am using.  If I am working on my Macbook, I can jot down some notes there and then continue the notes on my phone at a later time.  Because the interface keeps everything synced up, it means that your access and mobility is increased.  This helps me as I have a very mobile lifestyle.

Easy to Use

The interface for Evernote is very intuitive and easy to manage.  I have set goals, made Christmas lists and managed inspiration all without a hitch.  I downloaded the app and was immediately able to start using it without feeling confused or lost.  This ease of use makes the app an even more useful tool.

Want to get organized or have a place to jot down notes and inspiration?  Check out Evernote!

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