Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Hubby Review: Think your pushing weight? Check out my Scoop on this Protein

Hello mutants...!!

If you work out, or know anything about building muscle, you may have heard when training hard to gain lean muscle, you need at least one gram of protein per pound, per day... not to mention that it will also promote massive rapid recovery and energy...Yes you may be thinking eating one cow and 2 dozen eggs per day should do the trick...good luck there newbie..
What you do need is to supplement your diet with some sort of protein... (at least if you want to a quarter size of Coleman here)

I mostly do Whey Protein... great for after workouts at it absorbs quickly.. And my number one pick would be  Nitro Pro.   Why???  Lets get straight to the point.

First of all ... while your grandmas regular protein powder that she buys from Walmart may give you 10, maybe 20 grams of protein per scoop max.. this baby will blast you with 30 grams. So, two little scoops will give you 60 grams.. you can do the math now...  This is exactly what you need. And when you compare the price with other brands that offer less protein per scoop, it makes a lot of sense.

Did I tell you that the stuff tastes good too? I like Muscle Milk and Lean Body for taste too, don't get me wrong ... this powder is just as good... plus it is  Enhanced with Nitrogen Retention co-factors, BCAA's & Glut-amine Peptides.  This is a buy for sure.. I highly recommend it! Comments welcome against this product!!!

                                                   Now go gain some biceps grasshopper!

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