Tuesday, November 22, 2011

REVIEW: Taylormade R11 Driver

R11 Driver:

For those of you thinking about purchasing a driver or think it would be a good gift, here is my review on the Taylormade R11!
Flexability: First and foremost the technology behind this driver is amazing and unique. You can make independent adjustments of both loft and face angle. Meaning that you can cure or lesson hooks and fades (open, neutral or closed face), plus adjust the trajectory of the ball +or- 2 degrees on the face.

Look: This 440cc clubhead has excellent contrast with a mat white crown and a black face, with the intent of making the club easier to aim. Another advantage to the white crown is that it eliminates the glare you might see with glossy black clubheads.

 Sound: To some it may not make a difference, but to me it does... Never liked the silent drivers nor the empty can blow. The R11 has a sound that is not so loud and not so silent with a good balanced sound.Check out Dustin Johnson in this video just crushing it.

Overall I highly recommend this driver for any golfer... if anything it gives you the so wanted confidence just by looking at the thing. It should make a great gift or upgrade for you golf bag.

Make sure you fit the shaft properly according to your swing speed with your pro! Here is a little cheat sheet. Remember to Grip it and Rip it!

When a swing speed device is not available, this chart may be used to approximate swing speed based on driver carry distance or the club used to approach the green from 150 yards. (Based on average club lengths and lofts.)
 Shaft Flex Driver
Swing Speed (mph)
Carry Distance (yards)
Club from 150 yards
 Extra-Stiff 105 + 260 + 8 or 9-iron
 Stiff 90-105 240-260 6 or 7-iron
 Regular 80-95 210-240 5 or 6-iron
 Flexible (A-Flex) 70-85 180-210 4-iron
 Ladies Less than 70 Less than 180 3-iron/lofted wood

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