Thursday, November 17, 2011

TIP: Get Good Sleep

Here are some good tips I received from Health online on how to get some good sleep. Thought there were some additional points that are different from the same old same old.
  • Watch your caffeine intake not only at night, but also in the afternoon.. Some drinks containing high caffeine can still affect sleep even when taken before 4 pm.

  • Did you know some foods can promote sleep? I dont recommend eating a grand buffet before going to sleep, but a foods  that contain protein and amino acids can promote sleep, such as cookies and milk!

  •  Wind down and even stretch to get your body relaxed for sleep. Yoga poses can be useful prior to bed to ensure that your body is ready to hit the sack. 

  • "you must now turn off all your portable electronic devices" .. How many times have a heard this prior to taking off... Same thing applies prior to sleep. Turn of the Iphone, Blackberry and say goodnight!

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